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Our Award-Winning Menu

More than Great Fun–Great Food, Too.

Everyone expects the beer to be the star attraction at a pub (and we are fiercely proud of ours) but our award-winning menu continues to grow and delight. We’re updating our menu regularly to keep you coming back. It’s certainly NOT just the usual “pub grub!”

The menu includes our “SoCo Salad,” a tasty favorite, our own sauerkraut-free twist on the Reuben, spicy Shrimp & Chips, Pint Size Burgers, a great plate of traditional Nachos and a new spin–Irish Nachos, with thick-cut chips (fries) replacing tortilla chips. We’ve got a creamy Cajun Pasta, and a tasty  Balsamic Chicken in addition to the traditional pub fare that has earned us awards from the critics and the respect and admiration of many diners.

Our homemade, homestyle soups are something special too: traditional homemade Hearty Potato, of course, and heraty Chili is always on the stove but watch for Jorge’s authentic Chicken Tortilla Soup, tangy Tomato Basil, classic French Onion and Chicken Corn Chowder as well. Pub friends on Facebook get the latest news of what’s on the stove, as well as our Lunch Specials, so check be sure to “Like” us on FaceBook.

So whether it’s for our traditional beer-battered Fish & Chips, Shepherds’ Pie or Irish Stew, or perhaps a lighter bite to eat, please do come in to the pub soon to dine and enjoy. 

We’re Serious About Our Beer

We’re an Irish Pub–beer, especially Guinness Draught, is at our core and dear to our hearts. We’re a bit fanatic about serving fresh beer properly, and have installed the latest in draft beer and stout delivery systems to ensure that every pint is as good as it can be.

We feature a range of beer styles, from pub standards like Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Kilkenny & Austin Eastcider’s Original , to fresh local brews from Austin’s Live Oak Brewing Company, 512 Brewing Company and Blanco’s Real Ale Brewing Company. With 30 taps, from draught cider to light beers, our draught products are treated with the care the brewer intended from keg to glass.

Our beer glassware is used only for beer–never for soda, any dairy product nor any drink with ice. We never stack our beer glasses either. This keeps the thin tempered glass walls of our glassware in pristine condition. These glasses are sanitized in a “Beer-Clean” wash system used ONLY for beer glasses, so there is no possibility of contamination.

We proudly pour “Perfect Pints” of your favorite brews into these sanitized 20-ounce Imperial Pint tulip glasses (or 16-oz US Pint glasses) at brewery-recommended temperatures. Guinness of course is served with the traditional two-part pour, allowing the creamy brew to settle properly before being topped off with a perfect head.

Our beer lines are insulated and spiral-wrapped in cold glycol chiller tubes from the beer locker all the way to the taps up front, so perfect temperature control is assured. Our lines are cleaned regularly and checked for proper operation by our beer partners, and only the freshest products are served. All this effort goes toward one goal:

“A Perfect Pint™ Every Time”

Perfect Pint™ Manifesto