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Cooler Cooler Team: Mission Accomplished

As you might imagine, draught beer is very important to us, and we take beer quality very seriously.  Storage and serving temperature are critical to delivering a quality pint, and the first step in that chain is our walk-in cooler.

It seems the typical lifespan for the condenser/coil unit on a commercial walk-in is about 10 years.  Ours went to 11.  Last week, it began leaking refrigerant and the temperature began to creep up.  A stopgap repair got us through the busy ACL Fest & Pecan Street Festival weekends, while the new parts were ordered and a plan put in place to effect the repair, which required emptying the cooler completely.

Most pubs would simply close for a day.  Not us.  In 11 years we have closed exactly 2 days, and today was NOT going to be one of them.  Instead a hardy team (which did not include me, though I offered) pulled off the equivalent of the old “tugging the tablecloth and leaving the place settings intact” trick, and opened for business as usual at 4:00pm as we do every Monday.

To accomplish this we had a lot of help, especially from our friends at KEG 1 TEXAS, LLC, our primary beer distributor, who helped us locate a large refrigerated truck, essential to the process.  At dawn, the crack team of cooler ninjas hit the pub and kicked off the plan.

Besides food and produce, our cooler typically holds about 50 kegs of assorted beers, in barrels ranging from 5 gallons to 15.5 gallons, and weighing 60-160 pounds each.  This means that nearly 4 tons of beer and food would have to be moved.

We had run our stock down some in preparation for this quick change act, but there was still a lot of brew to get out of the walk-in cooler and load into the reefer truck.  The cooler was emptied, the truck filled and driven offsite, then all the shelving in the cooler (double aluminum shelves line each wall, holding double decker rows of kegs and a shelf at top for food) was removed.

The now empty cooler gave our superstar refrigeration technician Lane Haviland  all the room he needed to make the compressor swap, and allowed us to deep clean every inch of the cooler in the process.  While the cooler was empty and the now full reefer was taken offsite, Keg 1 beer gurus also performed cleaning and preventive maintenance on our beer lines, dispensing system, regulators, hoses and beer FOBs, devices seen at left which we use to minimize excess foam and simplify keg changing.

By about 2pm, the new cooling unit was fully installed and tested,  the team began moving all the shelving back into the cooler, and called for the driver of the reefer rig to return. Cold beer and produce were returned to the cold cooler in time for our doors to open at 4pm, as they always have.

We take beer very seriously.  Keeping our product fresh, cold and served just as the brewer intended is a big part of what has made us a success these past 11 years.

A very special thanks to Lane Haviland, Scott Alves, Greg Glarza and all at Keg 1, and the pub team of John, Jorge, Marty, Erik and all who were up at dawn to make sure our beer stays cold and our doors opened on time.  Mission accomplished.



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Football is Back

This was the season that almost wasn’t, on the pro front at least.  We’re delighted to welcome back Austin’s Patriots Fan Club and all our NFL fans as well as our UT Longhorn and Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans to another season of fun football watching at the pub.

B. D. Riley”s isn’t your ordinary sports bar–we’re a pub first and foremost, built for comfort, not showing off how many TVs we can squeeze into one place.  No seat is more than a 5-yard plunge from a cold beer, there are plenty of comfortable padded stools and spacious booths with easy TV viewing and all get the smiles and personal attention to service that has set us apart for the 11 years we have been on 6th Street.

A lot of sports bars look like the TV department at a big box electronic store.  Our looks like an Irish Pub, because that’s where we began.  Sure we have some awesome HDTVs, and overhead sound we can split between important games, but the things that make a pub a pub shine through: good food, draught beer served in Perfect Pints, attentive friendly service and great conversation.

If you like football, consider spending your Saturday or Sunday afternoons or Monday nights with us.  We will be showing every New England Patriots game with sound, every Notre Dame game with sound, along with our Longhorns, the complete ESPN Gameday and NFL Sunday Ticket complement of football, college and pro.

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New Local Draught Beers Added

New brews on our menu! We are proud to feature 7 local beers among our 16 draught offerings. Our newest local craft-brewed draughts are Independence Pale Ale, and Thirsty Planet Bucket Head IPA. Try one soon.  Our complete Beer Menu is available here for download.

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Pub Newsletter

Ready for some FOOTBALL?
We’ve got it.

We have both DirectTV HD Satellite service, and Time Warner HD Digital Cable service for access to ALL NFL games, along with a subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket as well as the ESPN Game Plan, which assures us of plenty of Pro and College action all season long.

Join us for drink specials as we kick off the College Season on September 3. We are the Official Home of Notre Dame Football, and will be showing EVERY Notre Dame Game with sound!

Naturally we have Longhorn action too…so bring the gang and watch some FOOTBALL!

NFL Preseason begins August 11, and First Official game is September 8. We receive NFL Network games (not available on local cable), as well as NFL Sunday Ticket games…so we will have all your favorite Teams ready for you to CHEER.

Patriot Games!
If you hail from New England, or are just a fan of the Patriots, this is your Sunday destination. The pub is home to the Official Austin Patriots Fan Club, and shows EVERY Pats game with sound, every Sunday (and Monday Night Football too). Grab your #12 jersey, your Pats tee or your Flying Elvis cap and come to the pub on Sundays to cheer the Pats with fellow Pats fans. Click on our Patriots page to sign up for the Pats email list so you don’t miss any special events!

Labor Day
Mark the Calendar for September 5 and toast all who labor to make our world a better place.  The Pub will be open at 11, and live music starts at 8 pm.
Great way to spend the Holiday.

ACL Fest
The Music Fest this year is September 16-18. Enjoy the Fest, then head to 6th to cool off, rehydrate and enjoy some of the best Live Local Music around on our stage. As always…NEVER A Cover!

Pecan Street Festival
Join us for the Fall Festival on September 24 & 25. Lots of arts and crafts, music, and fun for the entire family.

Lots O’ Pub Fun
We roll into Fall with lots of Pub activities.  We feature live music EVERY NIGHT of the WEEK, all with no cover charge. Live music at lunchtimes on Wednesday & Thursday too, plus our weekly Wednesday Pub Quiz, and plenty of great Irish Food & Drink.

Tom Horan Loves Us
We are honored to have been selected to Tom Horan’s “Ten Best Irish Pubs In America List”, for the past four years running. It is a very distinguished list of Pubs across America that serve fine food and have successfully recreated the feel and ambiance of a true Irish Pub.
Thanks Tom!!…we won’t let you down.

The Irish Voice
We are also honored that the Premier and leading Irish Culture Newspaper in New York, “The Irish Voice” has also selected our little Pub as “One of the 40 Best Pubs in America.” While the Pub truly is a nicely built bar…the really outstanding feature is our guests and staff. They are truly what gives the Pub “Character”.
Congratulations to us all for such a prestigious honor.

You look Good in Pictures
Pub web Guru, Steve Basile is constantly working to improve our web presence with new and exciting “stuff” to see. Galleries are being migrated from the old website to the new, so look for yourself in our gallery soon.  If you have a favorite picture of yourself and friends at the pub, upload it to our Facebook page and we’ll add it to the gallery here.

Lots O’ Music
Get out and support live music in Austin…listen to a band, drink a beer, put a dollar in the tip jar…it all goes to confirm to the world that we ARE the live music capital of the world.

Remember, we are open 365 days per year…Check our calendar on the home page for the updated schedule of offerings.

That’s all for now…thanks for the support, and drop by for a pint when you can…

John, Brian, Steve, Erik, Jorge, Andy and all the staff of the Pub

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A New Look, and a Bit of the Old

Welcome to our new website.  Our good friend Alex Jones (no, not THAT one) built the pub’s first website back in 2000, and I’ve updated it and added to it over the eight years I’ve been part of the pub team, but we’ve really outgrown it, and thought it was time for a little refresh.

Long time pub regular and web developer Rowland Williams  did a great job of reflecting the classic, classy environment that characterizes the pub in his new design, and we like it already.

We’d love to know what you think of the new look, and what you’d like to see on the site.  Here in the the blog, our publicans will share a bit of what’s new, what’s on our minds, or just things we hope you’ll find interesting.  Our Gallery will soon be repopulated with some favorite albums from past events, and feature new photos as well.

More great stuff to come–so stay tuned–check back often.


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