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Football is Back

This was the season that almost wasn’t, on the pro front at least.  We’re delighted to welcome back Austin’s Patriots Fan Club and all our NFL fans as well as our UT Longhorn and Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans to another season of fun football watching at the pub.

B. D. Riley”s isn’t your ordinary sports bar–we’re a pub first and foremost, built for comfort, not showing off how many TVs we can squeeze into one place.  No seat is more than a 5-yard plunge from a cold beer, there are plenty of comfortable padded stools and spacious booths with easy TV viewing and all get the smiles and personal attention to service that has set us apart for the 11 years we have been on 6th Street.

A lot of sports bars look like the TV department at a big box electronic store.  Our looks like an Irish Pub, because that’s where we began.  Sure we have some awesome HDTVs, and overhead sound we can split between important games, but the things that make a pub a pub shine through: good food, draught beer served in Perfect Pints, attentive friendly service and great conversation.

If you like football, consider spending your Saturday or Sunday afternoons or Monday nights with us.  We will be showing every New England Patriots game with sound, every Notre Dame game with sound, along with our Longhorns, the complete ESPN Gameday and NFL Sunday Ticket complement of football, college and pro.

About Steve Basile

Former high-tech executive living in Texas masquerading as a Publican. Half Irish and Half Italian for good measure.
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2 Responses to Football is Back

  1. Joe Heron says:

    Hi Steve!
    My wife and I are new to Austin, and I was wondering how to officially join the Patriots Fan Club. I am Irish, I am a ridiculous ND fan, and was stoked to see a local place to watch the Pats and ND. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Joe and Lisa Heron

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