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Monday Mic with Your Host Joe Gee


Get Your Music On At B. D. Riley’s!


Not just any ordinary Open Mic–it’s B. D. Riley’s Monday Mic, hosted by local musician Joe Gee.  After a long, happy and successful run hosting Monday Mic, Johnny Fargo has moved on to film, video, acting  and directing pursuits, but Monday Mic lives on!  Joe will host the best talent Austin has to offer each Monday night at the pub.

What It Means

Each Monday starting at 7:00 pm musicians or poets can sign up for a slot, and performances start at 8:00, following a weekly featured artist. Everyone gets a chance for a couple of songs or poems, and then gets whisked off the stage to make room for the next budding superstar. It’s fun, features a supportive audience, and won’t make you gain weight.

What You Need

Just you and your instrument. We have a high-performance house PA with quality suspended main speakers and a nice floor monitor. The powered mixer has a slew of effects to make even your voice sound good, and there are Shure SM58 vocal mics, some SM57s, cords and stands available too. Feel free to bring any pedals, effects or special microphones you need. Guitarists don’t need amps, as the pub is pretty small and you can plug right in to the head.

Looking For a Gig?

Monday Mic is a good time to come by the pub, meet Brooke & Joe, play a song or two
and drop off a demo CD. The hosts will be happy to give your songs a listen and pass them on to our head Publican to consider a paying gig on a future night at the pub. As you might expect, this is a pretty competitive city for musicians, but we promise to give you a fair shot. Wednesday night after Pub Quiz, and Friday early evening slots in particular may be used to try out an act to see how they feel and how they fit in the pub’s music scene.

If you’d like to get more info about bookings at the pub, mailor drop off a demo marked to the attention of “Monday Mic,” or drop by on a Monday night.

You can also get in touch by clicking the Get In Touch link at the top of the page.

We would appreciate your comments on our Monday Mic Night. Tell your friends, but please tell us too! Please let us know what you think by Getting in Touch!