Special Events

Special Days & Nights

Test Your Wits, Tap Your Toes, Cheer Your Team

Every visit is an occasion, but on our certain days & nights, the spirit of the pub truly comes to life. Whether you’re in for the rollicking sounds of live music, the brain-teasing excitement of our Pub Quiz, or the communal thrill of Game Days and Match Days, there’s a seat waiting for you and a special day (or night) tailored to your tastes.

Music Nights

Experience the soul-stirring power of live music at B.D. Riley’s, where every note carries the warmth of Irish hospitality. Our stage hosts a curated lineup of talented musicians that bring not only the sounds of the Emerald Isle but also the best of local Austin talent. From a weekly traditional Irish tune session each Thursday evening, to spirited folk and contemporary hits with Daithi Arwine, The Chancers and others to get your feet tapping, our Live Music Nights are an escape into a world where music, friends, and a good pint are all you need.

live music night

Match Days

There’s no better place to catch the game than at B.D. Riley’s, where every match is watched with the passion of a true supporter. Whether it’s rugby, soccer, hurling, Gaelic or American football, match days and game nights  bring fans together to cheer, jeer, and enjoy the game on our 11 screens, including 3 big patio TVs. With the atmosphere of a stadium and the comfort of your local pub, each game is an event where sportsmanship and pub fellowship meet. Come for your team, stay for the cheers, and enjoy the best of sport  with us.

soccer night

Pub Quiz

Put on your thinking cap for “TC’s Trivia,” Pub Quiz Night at B.D. Riley’s, every Tuesday evening at 7:30, where trivia and pints make the perfect pair. Gather your most clever mates for a night of mind-boggling questions from QuizMaster Jeff, laughter, and friendly competition. With categories in a wide array of general knowledge topics, ranging from history and science to pop culture and beyond, our Pub Quiz Nights are a testament to the fun of learning and the joy of community. Win or lose, you’re in for a night of fun, facts, and plenty of friendly banter.